Soster has chosen a certification system that guarantees the whole supply chain, opting to go with the trusted Bioagricert certification body.
We implement a quality system certified according to international standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and BRC GLOBAL STANDARD-FOOD.
All our procedures are HACCP compliant and we have our own in-house self-inspection laboratory. Continuous analyses ensure the product meets the company’s approved technical specifications in addition to compulsory legal parameters. Our organic products have been certified to international standards for over 15 years for the European market.
The following accreditations are held by Soster:
– Certification to European Regulation (EC) 834/07;
– USDA NOP, organic certification valid for the US;



Soster produces speciality dairy products of the highest quality, starting with the choice of raw materials, selecting only naturally sourced ingredients: milk from animals raised on Alpine pastures, salt, rennet, bacterial culture, with no added preservatives. Soster products are 100% traceable: each batch of goods is identified by a code so it can be traced all the way back to the first supplier, while here at the facility this code allows us to keep an accurate check on all product and process controls.
Soster offers “custom” products made to your individual requirements: hence we have come up with different portion sizes (grated and diced cheese and single portions for the food service industry), as well as a series of special products, from organic to lactose-free produce, and even vegetarian cheeses.

Our product range

Traditional D.O.P. products (awarded PDO status, standing for protected designation of origin): Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Asiago Pressato (fresh) and Asiago d’Allevo (aged), Pecorino Romano (ewe’s milk cheese). Our own cheeses: mozzarella, mascarpone, Provolone, Latteria (semi-hard), fresh Caciotta (soft) and ricotta. Organically farmed and vegetarian produce, under the “BioVoglia” brand. These products are certified and approved by AVI – the Italian Vegetarian Society.

With 20 years’ experience under our belt, Soster now offers a comprehensive selection of organic cheeses, ranging from fresh cheeses (Caciotta, mozzarella, ricotta) to long-aged products. The organic product supply chain originates in Austria, in the hills around Salzburg, an unspoilt area where animals are reared in small cowsheds (housing between 10 and 50 animals), with many months of the year spent grazing on pastureland.
Animals are reared naturally, employing non-intensive practices, with a low yield per head: each animal produces no more than 15 litres of milk a day, which is collected by operators belonging to a cooperative. The vegetarian line is made using microbial coagulant (instead of animal rennet) and is approved by the Italian Vegetarian Society.